Exercise Routine - Vary Your Walking Routine to Lose Weight

Published: 14th June 2009
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One of the keys to a successful weight loss walking program is to shake up the everyday walking routine. Instead of walking at the same pace, same way for the same length of time, vary your routine to lose weight walking. By switching up what you regularly do, you surprise the body which stimulates the metabolism. There are lots of obvious ways to change up a walking routine.

Using your bodies resistance is one easy way to shake up your walking. Simply swing your arms coming back and forth as you stroll, take longer strides through your body and walk up inclines. These additional efforts are able to compose a greater calorie burning affects as they take to consideration larger amount of of your muscles.

Adding weights to a walking routine is an additional good way to vary your routine to lose weight walking. Weights come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Many walkers find small hand weights add an additional metabolic boost. One to two pound weights are perfect for most walkers. Though hand weights can be very beneficial, ankle weights can instigate to injuries such as twisted ankles, back ache and more. Ankle weights are not recommended for walking.

Interval walking is an excellent way to vary your routine to lose weight walking. Start by warming up at a regular pace. Then increase to a moderate place for a few minutes. Go all out to a brisk pace for a minute or so and then cut back to a slower pace. Continue to vary your pace for an excellent cardio workout.

Wearing advanced technology walking footwear should also be considered. These shoes own a special design that places the heel tinier than the ball of the foot. The foot is at an incline and enables the body to harm many more calories than it would with slow walking. You can get more fitness and nutrition information by visiting http://exchanged-links.blogspot.com

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