Get a 6-Pack Abs in 7 Days!

Published: 03rd March 2009
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Are there only 3 steps you must take to get a six pack? Well that might be debated by various people. However, I can promise you that if you don't follow the 3 things I am going to show you that a six pack won't be in your future. Unfortunately there is no magic red pill to take that will give you abs. By following these steps you'll be ahead of 99% of everyone else.

Tip #1-

The first step is to not make any excuses. I don't care how bad your genetics are. I don't care what you were or weren't born with. Anyone can get a six pack if that is what they really want in life. Go out and make it happen by taking action. Most people don't get anywhere because they don't take action. However, it's fun for them to fantasize about what might have been. Don't be a casualty. Take action on the next 2 tips.

Tip #2-

Did you know that abs are made in the kitchen? That's right, if you don't eat right you'll never see your abs no matter how hard you work. You can do all of the exercises your trainer gave you but you still won't see your abs. By eating the right foods you'll prevent any more fat build up around your abdominal region. You'll even start burning fat by eating healthier.

Tip #3-

The last tip is to throw out any exercises see other people doing. The only exercise I really like for training the abdominal region is doing decline sit-ups with a weight. When the weight becomes too light add another 5 pounds. Most people will do crunches all day long and never see their abs. You need to add resistance if you ever want to develop your muscles. It's also important to workout your whole body because this will put your body in a fat burning state.

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